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Color Pop Arts

Do you have a spirit for Adventure? Travel? Art? Photography? Education?

My daughter is completing an International Baccalaureate (IB) degree along with her high school diploma. Her school is offering the opportunity to travel during summer breaks to learn about various European countries and earn college credit.

To earn money for the trips she is becoming a young entrepreneur and is selling her photography. Check her out at https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-autumn-houle.html.

I am hoping the lessons she learns through school, travels, and Color Pop Arts will provide her many great life lessons and experiences. Please follow her and share!

FaceBook: @ColorPopArts

Instagram: ColorPopArts




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Changing of Chapters

Tania's House JPG Logo copyToday starts the ending of an adventure. On July 10, 2017 Tania’s House Deli opened in Crystal River. My family and I moved from Hawaii to Crystal River as I left the field of Organ, Eye, and Tissue donation to take over a sandwich shop and build a bakery within it. Unfortunately, things don’t always end up as you expect.

It turns out I am really good at the back end, my husband is good with the customers, but my heart is in health and wellness. I returned to the field of Organ, Eye, and Tissue donation in February of 2018 and am happily growing the donation programs of the hospitals I serve as a Donor Program Specialist. It has been a difficult time as my husband has been managing the deli by himself and growing the business, which was not at all what we were lead to believe when we purchased it. The growth is slow but steady, as in many businesses. We can see the potential, but are not the people to take it there. Today, I signed the papers with the new owners. They will be learning during December and as per the closing papers will officially take over full operations on January 1, 2019.

I do not see this as a failure, but as many life lessons learned. I have learned the importance of family during good and bad times. I have learned new skills and pushed myself outside my comfort zone. I have realized that baking is so much fun – when it is for fun (hats off to the professional bakers out there!). I have lost money and gained it again. I now know about setting up LLC’s, business taxes, sales & use tax, ordering from food suppliers and profit/loss margins. I expanded my knowledge of social media marketing, writing, and advertising. You see, I believe that there are many things I was meant to see during this time. I was given a chance to reassess my life, commit myself to certain pieces, and move away from others.

In September 2018 another adventure started, a transition that brought me to meet an amazing group of people and start my own Health and Wellness coaching business. I have started my blog and invested time in myself. I am also proud to be an Independent Distributor for LifeVantage (check out my site – TaniaHoule.LifeVantage.com) who have amazing health and wellness products. Mine has not been the most conventional route in life, but the roller coaster ride is worth this journey…I can’t wait to see what’s next!

I sign off reminding you to Live Life to the Fullest and encourage you to build a strong health and wellness plan based on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness – if you need help email me at EnergizedWaveChanger@gmail.com

~ The Energized Wave Changer

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I want to show you an amazing line of products that can help you with your wellness journey this holiday season and well into the future. What makes this line unique is that whether you are looking to increase your energy, maintain healthier hair, reduce the results of aging, or loose weight there is a product that can help you. They have been scientifically studied and proven.

They can only be purchased from independent distributors who must also be taking the products. I find this very important. As I am purchasing and using the products myself I can truly tell you the way it has enhanced my health and wellness. I am also able to link you with other team members who are taking the products to achieve different goals.

I’ll give you an example. I am using NRF1 and NRF2 and see an increase in my energy level, reduction in stress, no gut issues (used to take other meds for that). My husband’s eczema has almost totally cleared, he has decreased his blood pressure medication (with MD approval) and has more energy. I also use the hair care products which has made my hair fuller and healthier looking. I have had many questions about what I am doing differently. Next, I am starting the cleanse and fat burner!

I know team members who have seen quicker healing after injury and increased recovery after workouts. Runners have seen improved times with less strain. We even have products for your pets – from the pooch in your house to the horse in the barn. We want to help reverse the aging process at a cellular level!

These products are natural. When reading the label you see ingredients you can easily recognize. The company itself has been applauded for its research and dedication to development, received awards internationally, and is traded on the stock market.

As you look into your wellness plan for 2019 I encourage you to reach out to me. I can send you a quick email with a video that takes less than 15 minutes to explain all we have to offer. Next, we schedule a Zoom conference call and have all your questions answered. Then you are off and running to a healthier self and building your own business if you want to take that opportunity too.

Email Me Today At: EnergizedWaveChanger@gmail.com

I encourage you to embrace the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and Live Life to the Fullest!

The Energized Wave Changer

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2019 YOUR Year of Wellness!

Have you been a part of the two month wellness cycle? It starts around Thanksgiving when people having family, social, and work gatherings with all types of amazing food. After the feeling of being stuffed, like a Thanksgiving turkey, many people try to eat a bit healthier until Christmas and other holiday celebrations come along.

During this same time many people are using up the last of their calendar year health benefits, getting their physicals, eye exams and seeing the dentist. This leads to a need for improved wellness.

The next step in the cycle is the holiday purchase of gym memberships and fitness equipment for the home. Along side this is the decision to eat healthier, join dieting groups, have home meal delivery and loose weight. The purchase of scales, protein powder, and shaker bottles along with smoothie blenders truly must increase!

This is all done with the best intentions. The problem is, once the holidays are over and the normal routine sets back in many of these decisions, thoughts, plans fall by the wayside. Many have been tied to New Years resolutions that don’t last eight weeks.

If you truly want to improve your health take a couple hours one day and make a plan that is practical for your lifestyle and embraces all 8 Dimensions of Wellness!

Work different things into your calendar that take 15 to 90 minutes per day. Schedule time to acknowledge and explore your emotional wellbeing.

Include a practical physical exercise plan. Dedicate the time some days to hit the gym or use your home equipment. On days that’s not possible include a brisk walk, take the stairs, do stretches or yoga. These add up and improve your mood and productivity.

There are many people during the holidays we see or speak with and promise to stay in touch. Plan one or two of these commitments per month!

We spend a lot of time at work, so commit to learning something that can help you improve yourself. Is there something new you want to explore your learn? Dedicate time to reading about it or scheduling a seminar. This will also drive your intellectual wellbeing. Keeping our mind active and introducing new challenges increases its abilities.

Our financial health is extremely important. Plan to meet at the beginning of the year with your accountant or tax advisor and to review your life insurance, stocks, bonds and other investments. Pre-schedule your mid year financial check.

As you are building out your week see how you can help others and help our environments. Volunteer once a month or join an organization that inspires you. Remember know matter what your specialty organizations need volunteers that cover many different areas – from builders, medical staff, finance people, administrative support, photographers, and IT experts there is a spot for everyone!

What is your personal spirituality plan? Whether you believe in formal religions, have emotional connections through energy or practice another form of spiritual connection it is important to keep this in the forefront. You need to incorporate this spiritual practice into a piece of your everyday life in some form.

I encourage you to stop looking for a big change to wellness. Trying to make giant changes or many changes all at once usually won’t last. Take the time to truly look at where you stand with your 8 Dimensions of Wellness and incorporate it into your life!

~ The Energized Wave Changer

Helping other Live Life to the Fullest

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Motivate Your Mind

Have you ever been in a place where you feel overwhelmed, overworked, stressed to the max? Do you ever feel like there is something different or more – a path you know you should be pursuing, but you just can’t figure it out?

I have and I have coached many others that express those same feelings. I recommend you do a few things. First, stop and take a deep breath! Truly, just stand and breathe, for a minute or two blocking everything else out! Next, write everything you can down, type it out, just literally get it out of your brain! Then figure out what is really in front of you. What do you have to tackle, what do you need to let go of, and what is just you allowing your mind to make the mountain from a mole hill.

These simple steps can get you back to a place of effective functioning and processing. What it can’t do is help solve that drive you feel that you haven’t been able to decipher. At this point I recommend a walk through your local library or a nice book store. On your first walk around the store take note of all the large section titles that interest you. Whittle that down, maybe two or three that really peak your interest. Now gaze the subsections of those areas. Which peak your interest the most. From there determine which titles in those sections connect with you. Start reading covers and see which writers styles speak to you. Then either check out or buy the books that you connect with most.

Allow that information, story, adventure, recollection, or explanation to float around in your mind as you enjoy what you are reading. Think about where the words take you. Why did you connect with those words? What do these works inspire in you? Books, whether fiction or non-fiction, are written to engage and influence us. They allow us to see someone else’s dream and create our own visions. Books are a good place to start when we are stuck. Reading stimulates different parts of our brain and allows us to tap into new thoughts and thought patterns. This can get us out of feeling stuck, uncertain and confused and bring forward interesting thoughts, possibilities and new avenues to explore in our own life!

Happy Reading My Friends … Motivate Your Mind to Move Forward!

~ The Energized Wave Changer

#books #motivation #adventure

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True Character

On this Soulful Sunday I want to speak to true character. The type of people we should surround ourselves with that have a strong faith, a true belief in themselves and those around them. People who are able to find strength in adversity and build upon it without doubting their worth. It is not something that is easy to do. A great example of that was shown last night.

I went to The University of Alabama when I started my college career and am a die hard Crimson Tide fan. I have been a fan during their seasons of success and seasons of growth. There are many reasons for this and the majority of them have nothing to do with the score on the board at the end of the day.

You see, they are currently led by a coach who is tough, but truly teaches character and leadership. A coach who is worried about the players academic success and their future. I have heard and seen how he mentors and challenges the students within the program to become better. He leads by example, he is engaged in the Alabama community, with local organizations and supports many charities. He donates his time and a lot of his winnings and bonuses to help others.

If you don’t follow college football, you might not know the story behind Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts. They are both amazing quarterbacks in their own rights. Tua has natural talents that shine and is learning more and more about decision making at this level. Jalen Hurts has a strong work ethic, learns and accepts criticism based on an internal desire to improve. At the end of the National Championship last year Tua replaced Jalen at half-time and won the Crimson Tide a National Championship. Tua then won the starting job for this season. In last nights SEC Championship game Tua’s performance was strained with injuries – he kept moving forward, committed to his team. Unfortunately, during the second half of the game his ankle was turned to far and he was taken out. No fear, with true leadership and amazing ability Jalen stepped in this time and led Alabama back from behind to win the game.

After the game reporters asked Tua and Jalen about the role reversals in this game. They both, as has been the case all along, supported one another. They thanked god and their team for everything and spoke to each other’s strengths and successes. I understand it is the media’s job to question and speculate and it happened constantly since the end of that National Championship game. Yet, through all the articles, the naysayers they both faced at different times, the injuries they have both had and the adversities they each had to overcome they kept their morals high, showed true character, applauded one another, their team and their coaches. Tua is a Sophomore and will continue an amazing career at Alabama. Jalen Hurts will graduate this December. A young man that played football for a top rated team, worked through tough times, and led with such composure. In an post game interview Jalen talked about how important staying and graduating from Alabama is to him.

These young men could teach us all a lesson in the people we surround ourselves with. They can teach us how to react when things don’t go our way. They can teach us leadership, faith, and belief.

As usual I sign off by telling you I am …
The Energized Wave Changer
Eradicating Oxidative Stress! 
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Growth through the Daily Grind

Daily Grind It’s Side Hustle Saturday. I wanted to share some thoughts on the daily grind. My full time job has been in the same field, in a few different positions, over that past 14 years. I have learned a lot, am able to help others, save lives and teach. These are all things I love to do.

I have a desire to build something of my own. I had been searching and tried a few different things. My attempt at the restaurant business really wasn’t a match for me. It is a hard business, has slim margins, and doesn’t fit my strengths. I don’t regret trying. I have learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses during the process. I also lost quite a bit of money, but that happens in life.

In order to keep money coming in I was lucky enough to pick up a side position at my full-time job. It allows me to keep other skills up and contributes to my organizations needs. It does not satisfy my desire to build my own business. Sometimes, you have to take on a side hustle position that seems like it is more of the daily grind in order to build yourself and grown in other areas. It is a matter of having good time management which will allow you to drive whatever makes your heart happy forward for your future at the same time.

For me, I am still able to begin building my health and wellness business. I am taking certification classes, attending workshops, and learning on line. That reminds me to tell you – look for free or discounted courses on line that will allow you to build in areas you need to grow. I also recommend looking on apps like Meet Up to see if there are people that share the knowledge and skills you need. I was lucky enough to find an amazing WordPress group that meets in our area. I have a lot more to learn, but I have my blog up, linked it to my other social media sites and am learning to navigate the system. Next, I want to encourage you to connect with others who are doing what you want to do via social media, chat rooms, and your community. You would truly be surprised how many people are willing to mentor you!

Keep GoingOn days when you think things are becoming to hard and you just want to give up I encourage you to close your eyes and imagine what the view and feeling of success will be for you! I am a true believer that many times we give up just before our success comes. Hindsight is 20/20, but looking back I can see several times in my life I got frustrated and gave up or changed course just before I would have had exactly what I wanted. This has actually been verified by a past manager. Keep going, if you have the dedication, belief, and stamina you will finish your climb and bask in sunny success!

Breaking Out

Instead of everyday being just a “daily grind” I challenge you to redefine what that grind means for you! First, look for the things in your day that can challenge you, inspire you push you and engage you to move further. Blast out of the maze and find your own way to make each day an adventure toward your eventual success. You see, the success will come to you with your dedication and determination!

As usual I sign off by telling you I am …
The Energized Wave Changer
Eradicating Oxidative Stress! 
P.S. my side hustle in health and wellness is growing, the products have made amazing changes in my life and the lives of family and friends who are using them. Want more information on turning back the aging clock in your body? Ask Me!
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